Pay-Per-Click Advertising & Paid Google Campaign Setting

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Every major search engine and many small search engines, and independent websites of all sizes will now display paid ranking lists. Most of the listings are provided by Google pay-per-click advertising service providers.

This market is huge: According to statistics from the Search Engine Marketing Organization, the United States and Canada spent $5 billion on paid ranking advertising in 2005, and this number is increasing year by year. With the launch of MSN adCenter, MSN has also joined the battle.

The paid rankings you may encounter have two components: Pay-Per-Click Advertising and paid directories.

Pay-per-click Advertising

PPC is usually an auction-based system, and advertisers’ bidding determines their ranking position employee monitoring software. Until recently, PPC auctions have been a very simple and straightforward system. The principle is that the highest bidder will have a higher ranking. Just now. Both Baidu and Google use a more sophisticated method to determine Pay-Per-Click Advertising rankings. For example, in Google AdWords, the PPC algorithm is called the “Quality Index,” which determines rankings based on multiple factors, including click-through price and ad text relevance.

If PPC was ever seen to understand the forever hidden algorithm, we have to tell you that there is also a mystery in PPC. For starters, a well-known PPC expert in Jaipur pointed out that today’s PPC algorithm may favor those big brands and eye-catching, relevant ad text because these ads can be expected to have a higher click-through rate. The storm of change blows more vigorously in the PPC world, and you have to work hard to catch up.

Both Google AdWords provide a feature so that your listing will appear in their search engines and on their partner websites. In this system called contextual advertising, according to an algorithm, your list is matched to the content of the displayed page.

Competition Between PPC Services

The competition between PPC services has led to significant improvements in promotion tracking, prevention of click fraud. And location targeting, or it is expected that these improvements will continue. However, because there are so many products, there are many potential conflicts. As more and more webmasters adopt PPC, the online help system is also very positive. But there are still many people who choose to outsource PPC management because it can become a very headache. PPC management is not that difficult; you can do it yourself as long as you can learn and pay attention to some basic knowledge.

PPC has a powerful unmatched advantage in ranking control: what content is displayed, who can see it, and when it is displayed can all be controlled. We love PPC because it can be used as a tool to study how people respond to selected keywords.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising Collection

Spiders are not perfect. There are many reasons why spiders cannot or are unwilling to index every page on your website. Some search engines provide paid inclusion services, which can make up for these shortcomings of spiders. It allows you to submit a list of URLs. You want these pages in the list to be indexed, and spiders crawl these pages at a certain frequency. Usually, these services also allow you to provide your descriptions for each page, and you can browse basic statistics about the traffic leading to these paid URLs from search engines.

Paid inclusion does not guarantee an increase in ranking, but it can often ensure that spiders crawl more frequently. In some cases, it is also very attractive. That is, you can use your description text in the search result list Instead of text fragments.

Baidu and Yahoo currently provide this form of paid inclusion. GOOGLE has never provided a paid collection service, but now it also provides a free version of the paid collection, called “Google Sitemaps.”

Whenever this topic is proposed, the unanimous opinion of the website optimization (SEO). The community believes that the dead-end of paid inclusion is coming. One reason is that over time, the ability of search engines to index pages has steadily improved. There is also pressure from Google’s free sitemaps, so paid inclusion is likely to become a memory.

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