Is MCSA Windows Server 2016 Really Worth It?

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Microsoft remains an industry giant, dominating both the operating system (OS) and the enterprise server solutions market globally. The result? IT professionals are well served by earning Microsoft certifications, such as MCSA, to enhance their day-to-day skills and increase their professional income potential.

But which certifications are the most valuable? With new solutions like Windows Server 2019 gaining traction, is it worth taking the MCSA Windows Server 2016 course and passing the exam? Or are IT pros better served by skipping that old version of Windows Server and focusing on new solutions?

This is what you need to know.

Why should I take the MCSA Windows Server 2016 training?

Despite the introduction of Windows Server 2019, the 2016 version continues to be used by all organizations around the world, with recent data showing a 28% increase in the use of Windows Server 2016 in the past 12 months.

It’s also worth noting that Microsoft itself is moving towards larger industrial markets; As the New York Times noted, the company recently won the Pentagon’s $ 10 billion JEDI contract. This cloud computing project is a multi-faceted, multi-year initiative that will require significant IT expertise, including trained Windows Server 2016 professionals.

Do I need to take MCSA Windows Server 2016 training? If you are looking for any type of administration or server management job. And if you work (or want to relocate) in the country’s capital region.

How long does it take to learn Windows Server 2016?

If you work with Windows Server 2016 in your current role, you have acquired a variety of useful skills and knowledge. However, obtaining official Windows Server 2016 certification requires extensive training and several exams. Exactly how long it takes is up to you: While you can prepare for the Windows Server 2016 exams on your own, the sheer volume of information available makes it easy for you to ignore key concepts or features that are an essential part of the exam. Evaluation. It is also difficult to take Windows Server training outside of your regular IT job; you may be too busy with work to undertake independent learning.

To learn Windows Server 2016, first, you need to choose a track: Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate or Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert. While both provide essential product knowledge, the MCSA is intended as an entry-level qualification and is a prerequisite for earning MCSE designations. If you’re just getting started with Windows Server and want the fastest path to certification, start with MCSA.

How do I prepare for the MCSA certification exam?

MCSA certifications include five skill paths:

  • Core infrastructure
  • Productivity
  • Data Management and Analytics
  • App Builder
  • Business Applications

Obtaining the MCSA Windows Server 2016 certification relies on two of these pathways – Basic Infrastructure and Productivity – to develop essential server knowledge and skills. Three MCSA courses and three exams are required to earn Windows Server 2016 Certification:

  • 20740 – Installation, Storage, and Processing with Windows Server 2016
  • 20741 – Networking with Windows Server 2016
  • 20742 – Identity with Windows Server 2016

Candidates must pass each exam with a score of 700 or higher and must periodically reset their certification status.

While no formal training is required to challenge or pass these exams, the certification training modules that include expert support, comprehensive course materials, exam coupons for each class, and access to practical learning opportunities deserve to be considered. This not only improves your chances of passing the MCSA certification exam, but it also lowers the total cost of each course and exam individually.

What is Career Outlook Certification for MCSA Windows Server 2016?

As noted above, companies aren’t just using Windows Server 2016, deployments are on the rise. Combined with recent government partnerships, it is clear that the demand for MCSA Server 2016 training will continue to grow as organizations seek to take advantage of new opportunities.

What does this mean for your professional prospect? MCSA Windows Server 2016 Certified Professionals often find jobs like:

  • Network Operations Center (NOC) Engineers – Designing and implementing NOC solutions is now essential for businesses to optimize network operations and reduce potential downtime.
  • System administrators: The widespread use of Windows Server 2016 means that businesses need skilled administrators who can manage multiple server deployments in disparate environments.
  • Systems Analysts: Are Your Servers Performing as Expected? Are there ways to improve performance, reduce latency, or implement new solutions that improve overall productivity? Systems analysts use their in-depth knowledge of Server 2016 to improve operations.
  • Support Engineers – When Windows Server 2016 systems run into trouble, organizations don’t have time to wait for outside help. Support engineers are the front-line experts responsible for making sure servers are performing as expected and resolving issues as they arise.

The MCSA Windows Server 2016 certification remains relevant as businesses continue to rely on this technology and federal government agencies forge closer ties with Microsoft. The result? MCSA certification is well worth the time and effort, paving the way for both immediate employment opportunities and long-term success with more in-depth MCSE training.

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